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In addition to video conferencing and huddle room design, Harp can offer complete immersive audio visual solutions for the whole building.  Conferencing booking systems allowing visible booking information and company branding to be displayed  Reception signage for initial wow factor  Mission critical control rooms for precise monitoring of information  Passenger information displays for transport links  Digital Signage advertising displays to draw peoples attention  Wayfinding Screens for shopping centres and tourist sites  Thermal Screening Camera Solutions for COVID protection

Some Harp's specialist areas of activity:

Control Room

Video Walls

Solutions for Control Rooms and Dynamic Signage

Harp design, supply, install and maintain video walls for command and control systems. Its core skill is in the integration of multiple images sources into one continuous screen surface through its own video wall processor MERLIN.

Body Temperature Scanning

Body Temperature Screening

Solutions detecting entering an area with COVID-19

As part of the bid to combat coronavirus Harp can offer a first line of defence for people entering a building. It will detect those with an abnormal temperature and sound an audio alarm, send email to a supervisor and active a mag lock to prevent door access.

Dynamic Signage

Dynamic Signage

Solutions available fro advertsing in the transportation arena

Harp supplies, installs and maintains Dynamic Signage Systems for transportation infrastructure projects from small escalator panels to larger screen LCD to LED. Harps expertise in IP65 enclosures and thermal management delivers a robust and safe solution

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